Those wishing to play a central role in architecture and design today must take environmental impact and sustainability into account. The architectural spaces in which we live must be compatible with the needs of the planet and its inhabitants. Alulife® is 100% recyclable aluminium produced using an all-Italian, certified supply chain. Alulife® processing technique keeps aluminium’s premium properties, such as lightness, strength and durability, completely intact. And, naturally, the possibility of being almost infinitely recyclable. Alulife® is the ideal choice for those seeking uniqueness, Italian style and sustainable luxury in a single material.



100% Recyclable

100% Made in Italy

Class A1 certified


Antibacterial Antimicrobial

Light and Material

an age-old relationship

Thanks to Alulife® texture, aluminium becomes the ultimate expression of the alchemy between light and material. The special Alulife® processing technique guarantees maximum industrial productivity whilst also ensuring an external appearance worthy of the best Made in Italy craftsmanship. The variable thickness of Alulife® creates beautiful, harmonious surfaces that play with light, producing a constantly-changing dynamism in which matter enhances light and vice versa.